Suffusion of Light

by Jim Dennis

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With much love, time, and effort, I created these songs with my family and friends in mind.

My hopes are that these songs inspire you, and create a feeling of peace and joy (especially when driving).

I encourage you to share this music with others and to keep me in mind when opportunities arise in which my music can be exposed to others:

for instance in television, movies, advertisements, videos etc.


released August 2, 2014

All 11 tracks created, produced and performed by
Jim Dennis = "Spreading Rays Records"



all rights reserved


Jim Dennis Stockton, California

Daly City CA.

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Track Name: Illumine the Reflection
The most important thing is to polish the mirrors of hearts in order that they may become illumined and receptive of the divine light. One heart may possess the capacity of the polished mirror; another be covered and obscured by the dust and dross of this world. Although the same Sun is shining upon both, in the mirror which is polished, pure and sanctified you may behold the Sun in all its fullness, glory and power revealing its majesty and effulgence, but in the mirror which is rusted and obscured there is no capacity for reflection although so far as the Sun itself is concerned it is shining thereon and is neither lessened nor deprived. Therefore our duty lies in seeking to polish the mirrors of our hearts in order that we shall become reflectors of that light and recipients of the divine bounties which may be fully revealed through them.------Abdul Baha
Track Name: Steadfast as a Rock
". . . I say unto you that anyone who will rise up in the Cause of God at
this time shall be filled with the spirit of God, and that He will send His
hosts from heaven to help you, and that nothing shall be impossible to you if you have faith.
And now I give you a commandment that shall be for a covenant
between you and me -- that ye have faith; that your faith be steadfast as a
rock that no storms can move, that nothing can disturb, and that it endure
through all things even to the end . . . As ye have faith so shall your
powers and blessings be. This is the balance -- this is the balance -- this
is the balance."
Attributed to `Abdu'l-Baha Fire & Gold p.136
Track Name: Penetrating Light
"In the time of sleep this body is as though dead; it does not see nor hear; it does not feel; it has no consciousness, no perception—that is to say, the powers of man have become inactive, but the spirit lives and subsists. Nay, its penetration is increased, its flight is higher, and its intelligence is greater. To consider that after the death of the body the spirit perishes is like imagining that a bird in a cage will be destroyed if the cage is broken, though the bird has nothing to fear from the destruction of the cage. Our body is like the cage, and the spirit is like the bird. We see that without the cage this bird flies in the world of sleep; therefore, if the cage becomes broken, the bird will continue and exist. Its feelings will be even more powerful, its perceptions greater, and its happiness increased."
-------------'Abdu'l-Baha, The Reality of Man--------
Track Name: Staggering Cliffs
How great, therefore, how staggering the responsibility that must weigh upon the present generation of the American believers, at this early stage in their spiritual and administrative evolution, to weed out, by every means in their power, those faults, habits, and tendencies which they have inherited from their own nation, and to cultivate, patiently and prayerfully, those distinctive qualities and characteristics that are so indispensable to their effective participation in the great redemptive work of their Faith.
-------(Shoghi Effendi, Advent of Divine Justice, p. 20)
Track Name: You Find What You Look For
“Love the creatures for the sake of God and not for themselves. You will never become angry or impatient if you love them for the sake of God. Humanity is not perfect. There are imperfections in every human being, and you will always become unhappy if you look toward the people themselves. But if you look toward God, you will love them and be kind to them, for the world of God is the world of perfection and complete mercy. Therefore, do not look at the shortcomings of anybody; see with the sight of forgiveness. The imperfect eye beholds imperfections. The eye that covers faults looks toward the Creator of souls. He created them, trains and provides for them, endows them with capacity and life, sight and hearing; therefore, they are the signs of His grandeur. You must love and be kind to everybody, care for the poor, protect the weak, heal the sick, teach and educate the ignorant.”
― Abdu'l-Bahá
Track Name: Freedom Rose
O FRIEND! In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love,..

The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh---#3
Track Name: Unwavering Purpose
How pressing and sacred the responsibility that now weighs upon those who are already acquainted with these teachings! How glorious the task of those who are called upon to vindicate their truth, and demonstrate their practicability to an unbelieving world! Nothing short of an immovable conviction in their divine origin, and their uniqueness in the annals of religion; nothing short of an unwavering purpose to execute and apply them to the administrative machinery of the Cause, can be sufficient to establish their reality, and insure their success. How vast is the Revelation of Baha'u'llah! How great the magnitude of His blessings showered upon humanity in this day! And yet, how poor, how inadequate our conception of their significance and glory! This generation stands too close to so colossal a Revelation to appreciate, in their full measure, the infinite possibilities of His Faith, the unprecedented character of His Cause, and the mysterious dispensations of His Providence. ...
Track Name: Set it in Motion
And for a Baha'i the ultimate issues are spiritual. The Cause is not a political party nor an ideology, much less an engine for political agitation against this or that social wrong. The process of transformation it has set in motion advances by inducing a fundamental change of consciousness, and the challenge it poses to everyone who would serve it is to free oneself from attachment to inherited assumptions and preferences that are irreconcilable with the Will of God for humanity's coming of age. Paradoxically, even the distress caused by prevailing conditions that violate one's conscience aids in this process of spiritual liberation. In the final analysis, such disillusionment drives a Baha'i to confront a truth emphasized over and over again in the Writings of the Faith: …
```Century of Light~``
Track Name: Seize Your Chance
O MY SERVANT! Free thyself from the fetters of this world, and loose thy soul from the prison of self. Seize thy chance, for it will come to thee no more.
The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh # 40
Track Name: World Embracing
"Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self."
Track Name: Yearning for Suffusion both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, through the operation of a decade-long world spiritual crusade whose termination will, God willing, coincide with the Most Great Jubilee commemorating the centenary of the declaration of Baha'u'llah in Baghdad. And finally the tenth part of this mighty process must be the penetration of that light, in the course of numerous crusades and of successive epochs of both the Formative and Golden Ages of the Faith, into all the remaining territories of the globe through the erection of the entire machinery of Baha'u'llah's Administrative Order in all territories, both East and West, the stage at which the light of God's triumphant Faith shining in all its power and glory will have suffused and enveloped the entire planet. ...